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CaliberFZE is a general trading company that was established and operated in Dubai-UAE.
With our vast range of procurement and supply capabilities from different manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, CaliberFZE has emerged to become one of the most trusted suppliers in the Gulf Region and around the world.
CaliberFZE trades in various commodities from building materials, medical supplies, HVAC supplies, facility appliances, vehicle spare parts and more.
Apart from trading commodities, CaliberFZE offers multiple services including procurement and supply, logistics and shipping solutions, cooling solutions, E-commerce web development, consultancy services and more.


Why CaliberFZE?

Global Presence

Cost-Effective Solutions

High-End Products


Reliability & Loyalty

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

We aim to become one of the most reliable suppliers in the gulf market and worldwide that attracts lifelong clients through providing our customers with services and quality products that meets their standards.