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Cooling Solutions

CaliberFZE partners with trusted manufacturers and suppliers in the region and worldwide to guarantee the supply of high-end HVAC parts and consumables from Valves, Actuators, Water Meters, BTU Meters, Gauges, Air Vents and more that meet our client's requirements and standards.

Irrigation Systems

CaliberFZE is focused on and committed to the solution and service of agricultural, rural and water resources problems globally, With a strong emphasis on addressing agricultural, rural, and water resource issues worldwide, CaliberFZE demonstrates a deep-rooted commitment to problem-solving and service excellence.

Solar Power Solutions

The Sun is the perfect natural resource for energy that will power your business and significantly reduce your costs. In response to all the global energy challenges and needs we offer high-technology solar products and solutions that reduces energy costs for your business.

Procurement & Supply

CaliberFZE supplies high-quality consumables and spare parts to all business sectors from food supplies, HVAC spare parts & supplies, medical supplies, protective equipment, building materials, facility appliances and more.

Business Consultancy

CaliberFZE provides a professional team that uses their knowledge and skills to analyze, organize, and manage organizations and provide them with more effective solutions to establish regional and global presence, and improve their efficiency.

Logistics & Shipping

Our strategic relationships with worldwide manufacturers and suppliers, along with our operating back office in China, CaliberFZE provides diverse shipping solutions with competitive prices and fast delivery periods.